Chamba & Bharmour

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The town of Chamba, is located in the western Himalayas between north latitudes 32°10? & 33°13? & east longitudes 75°45? & 77°33?. The town stands on a plateau on the right bank of the Ravi river valley between Dhauladhar & Zanskar ranges south of the inner Himalayas. In the bansauli or genealogical rolls of the Chamba Rajas a reference occurs of place which was adorned with highly fragrant Champaka trees & guarded by Goddess Champavati or more popularly known as Chameshni. The temple was built by Sahil Varman in the honor of his daughter Champavati who is worshiped as a goddess in Chamba. Champavati temple became the family temple of the ruling family.


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Bharmour is located 61 kms from Chamba & often referred as the land of Shiva because of belief that lord Shiva resides at Manimahesh which is located in this area. Bharmour is popular for its natural beauty, for very old archaeological remains, primarily the temples and Manimahesh. All these temples stand on a level area which is called as Chaurasi Temple, after the 84 Siddhas who are believed to have meditated in here over 1000 years ago.

Life in Bharmour centers around the Chaurasia – a temple square which owes its name to the data 84 shrines built with in its periphery. With varying architectural designs these temples were built between the seventh and tenth century. The towering shikara of Manimahesh temple dominates a square and a life size bull idol of Nandi, in polished brass the entrance guards. The Lakshna Devi temple’s sanctum sanctorum houses the meter high goddess idol cast in exquisite brass.