Unseen Himachal Tours

unseen hiamchal tour package

Himachal is the land of wonders and natural surprises, one who comes here wishes to come again or stays for long. There are many natural, historical and religious locations in Himachal which are quite often visited and some unseen locations not visited by many. Welcome to this rustic land of nature’s bounty.

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Himachal Trekkings


Himachal is known for it’s majestic snow covered mountains and hill tops offering trek lovers and adventure enthusiasts an opportunity to scale the heights and reach the summits of few of them. We have a dedicated young team of learned & experienced Trekking guides and potters for you to assist in your trekking in the mountains of Himachal.

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Adventure in Himachal

adventure activities in himachal, paragliding, river rafting, rappling

Himachal is also known for it’s adventure activities such as paragliding, Bir Billing is the host for pre-world cup paragliding, water rafting in beas river, angling in Barot, various water activities in Pong dam, rappelling and various jungle camps. Trust us for the best adventure sports in Himachal as we have a well dedicated team to cater to the adventure tours in Hiamchal.

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